Empire State Building
Security Procedures

Tenant Identification Card Protocol

In order to provide a safe and secure working environment while not impacting on the day-to-day operation of the tenants, the Empire State Building provides tenant identification cards to authorized persons permitting them to gain entry via the lobby turnstiles.

The Security Department is tasked with issuing tenant identification cards and maintaining the associated database. The following protocol outlines the procedures for the issuance of and use of the Building Identification cards.

Tenant Requesting a New Identification Card

  1. Tenants will ask their employer for a letter on company letterhead requesting that the Empire State Building issue a Building Identification card for the employee’s use.
  2. The Badge Station is located on the concourse level. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM. The Badge Station is closed on all major holidays. Tenants who need additional information regarding tenant identification cards may call (212) 736-3100 x3332 or email abonilla@esrtreit.com.
  3. The tenant requesting the identification card will bring the letter along with one (1) form of identification as described below.
    • Every tenant must supply a valid (not expired) photo identification issued by the United States Government, a US State or a local government/political subdivision of a US state. Examples of acceptable forms of identification are US Passports, state driver’s license, state issued non-drivers photo identification, state or local government social benefits card. Identification MUST contain the tenant’s name and date of birth. Note that this is not a complete list. Other forms of identification may be accepted at the discretion of the Director of Security.
    • Second form of acceptable identification would be a birth certificate issued by a hospital, local birth registry or department of health located in the United States of America. The birth certificate must be an original with an embossed seal. Photocopies of a birth certificate marked "True Copy" and signed by a notary public are NOT to be accepted.

Note: All identification is subject to review by the Security Department. Any and all identification may be rejected after review by the Director of Security or his designee.

  1. The security staff assigned to the Badge Station will review all documents submitted. Any document that appears to have been altered or changed will not be accepted. If after review, sufficient proof of identity has been established a tenant identification card may be issued.
  2. Tenant will be instructed to complete an ID Photo Application.
  3. Badge Station staff will enter the appropriate information regarding the tenant into the computer database system.
  4. Tenants will be photographed, and the image will be stored in our databases.
  5. Badge Station staff will print the tenant ID card and issue it to the tenant.
  6. ID Cards are issued as a convenience to our tenants.
  7. The ID Cards are the property of the Empire State Building and must be surrendered upon the demand of a Building Representative.
  8. ID Cards are not valid at the Security Checkpoints. Tenants are reminded to enter through one of the turnstile entry points.
  9. The ID card is valid only for the person to whom it has been issued. Do not lend or borrow another employee’s ID Card. Anyone found using another person's ID will not be granted entry to the Building.
  10. Do not "card" another person into the Building using your ID Card. All persons, tenants and visitors who do not have a Building issued ID card must enter via one of the Security Checkpoints.
  11. When entering via one of the turnstiles employees must remove the ID card from their wallet or purse and be prepared to present the card to a security officer for verification. Security officers will randomly verify ID cards by comparing the photograph on the ID card against the person who is presenting the card.
  12. Violation of these rules may result in the confiscation of the card and suspension of the user’s privileges for a period to be determined by the Director of Security.

Replacement Identification Cards

The Empire State Building will replace lost, stolen or broken identification cards upon request of the tenant’s employer. All requests must be in writing and on company letterhead addressed to the Director of Security, Empire State Building. The letter must include the reason for the request (lost, stolen or broken). Lost Identification cards will be replaced, for a fee of $50.00. This will be billed to the tenants rent statement. Tenants claiming the ID card lost was a result of a theft may be asked to provide documentation of the crime.

  1. The tenant requesting the identification card must bring a letter on their company letterhead along with one (1) form of identification as described above.

Note: All identification is subject to review by the Security Department. Any and all identification may be rejected after review by the Director of Security or his designee.

  1. The Badge Station staff will determine if the tenant will be required to sit for a new photograph. A new photo is necessary if the tenant’s photo on file is 3 years or older OR the tenant’s appearance has changed enough to warrant a replacement photo.
  2. Tenant will be instructed to complete an ID Photo Application (if needed to update tenant information)
  3. Badge Station staff will update the appropriate information regarding the tenant into the computer database system.
  4. Badge Station staff will print the replacement tenant ID card and issue it to the tenant.

Annual Review of Identification Card Records

The Empire State Building Security Department is tasked to provide authorized tenants with a Building Identification Card. As part of the process and to maintain a valid database, the department performs an annual review of each tenant company and their employees who have been issued Building Identification Cards.

During the annual review the tenant company will be issued a list with the name of each employee who has an active Building Tenant Identification Card. The tenant employer is asked to review each name and verify their employment status. If a name appears on the list that is no longer in the employ of the company, it is to be indicated in the report by drawing a single line through the name of the former employee. The Building ID card for the former employee will then be deactivated. Tenants are asked that when anyone leaves the company’s employ that the Building ID Card be returned to the Security Department as soon as possible.

The Tenant ID Card System is also used for two other very important life safety issues. The first is tracking any person who suffers from some sort of disability, either temporary or permanent. In the event of an emergency where an evacuation is necessary this information is passed along to the New York City Fire Department. The fire officer in-charge will assign a firefighter to aid in the evacuation of the disabled person. The second issue involves any employee who serves as a Floor Fire Warden or Deputy Fire Warden. The City of New York requires building managers to maintain attendance records of Fire Wardens or their deputies. Tenant employers are to indicate on the list any employee who would fall into either of these categories.

Employers are reminded that they do not have to wait for the annual review to make changes in any of the above categories. Employers should immediately notify the Security Department of any employee who has left their employ, now suffers from a disability that may prevent their safe evacuation in case of an emergency or any change in status of Floor Fire Wardens or one of the deputies.

Contacting the Security Department

  • In an Emergency - 212-736-0911, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week
  • Routine Business - 212-736-3100
  • Badge Station - 212-736-3100, x3332 SecurityBadging@esrtreit.com Monday to Friday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (excluding holidays and weekends)

Report employee termination or to cancel lost or stolen ID cards off-hours 212-736-3100, x3394.

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