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Empire State Building

  Life Safety & Emergency Procedures

Bomb Threat

The purpose of bomb threat procedure is to have an orderly, safe and rapid procedure for conducting searches, providing prompt, necessary communications, and rendering assistance in the even that an evacuation is called for by the local authorities.

In the event of a bomb threat, either through a telephone call or by other means, the following procedure should be followed:

  • If a threat is received by phone, immediately call 911.
  • Try to attract someone’s attention in the office discreetly and quietly while listening to the caller.
  • Try to keep the caller talking as long as possible. Ask the person to repeat parts of the message. Remain calm.
  • Write down the message and obtain as much relevant information as possible.
  • Immediately after the call, notify the Building Management Office (212-736-3100), who will notify the following:
    • Local Police
    • In-house Security
    • Staff
    • Tenants
  • The building staff will assist the local authorities in:
    • Evacuation in part or in full
    • Search for the device
  • Building Staff will maintain a close relationship at all times with the local authorities to ensure maximum protection of the occupants, the building, and themselves.
  • When the alert is over, the Building Office shall notify all Tenants.

Elevator Malfunction

In the event that an elevator stops with passengers in it, remember to remain calm. Pressing any emergency button within the cab will alert Building Management that the cab is malfunctioning, what cab number it is, and what floor it is stuck on. The Guard will continue two-way communication with passengers until help arrives.

In the event of a power outage, the battery back-up lighting will continue to operate.


Emergency Contacts

Security Desk/Command Information Center (All-hours Emergency Line)


Empire State Building
Director of Engineering, Tim Dailey

212-736-3100, x3344

Empire State Building Management Office


New York City Emergency Service Telephone Listings:

Fire Department

911 (Emergency)

Police Department

911 (Emergency)

Midtown South




Hospital (NYU Medical Center)


Poison Control Center

311 or 800-222-1222

Fire Safety Team and Procedures

The emergency team consists of the Fire Safety Director, Deputy Fire Safety Director, building and security staff, Fire Wardens and the Deputy Wardens (appointed by each Tenant from among their respective employees). The primary function of the Fire Wardens and Deputy Wardens is to ensure the safe and orderly evacuation of the occupants of the building in the event required by an emergency. This is accomplished by communication and the joint efforts of all members of the Emergency Team.

Fire drills are held once every six (6) months and all tenants are expected to cooperate and learn the procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency. Tenants and their employees should familiarize themselves with all exits and fire alarm devices on their floor and should understand the fire safety plan, found below. Stairwell familiarization drills will be conducted twice per year.

Any questions should be directed to the Building Office at 212-736-3100.

Due to the resistive quality of this high-rise office building, immediate evacuation of the building is only necessary:

  1. from floor where fire is burning
  2. from floor areas one (1) story above fire floor
  3. when ordered to leave by Fire Safety Director, Police, or Fire Department Personnel

Actions to be Taken by Anyone Discovering a Fire

Any person in the building, whenever there is evidence of fire, heat or smoke, shall initiate the transmission of an alarm. No approval of a superior is necessary.

Alarm to Be Transmitted as Follows:

  • Dial 911.
  • Pull interior fire alarm in corridor by stairway.
  • Call the Fire Department 911.
  • Call Midtown South 212-239-9811.

Immediately after transmitting the alarm, notify the Building Management Office and Fire Warden on your floor. BUILDING MANAGEMENT TELEPHONE NUMBER: 212-736-3100.

Fire Wardens and Deputy Wardens Duties

  • The Tenant or Tenants on each floor shall, upon request of Building Management, designate responsible and dependable employees for the positions of Fire Warden and Deputy Fire Wardens.
  • Each floor of a building shall be under the direction of a designated Fire Warden for the evacuation of occupants in the event of fire. The Warden will be assisted in his duties by Deputy Fire Wardens.
  • Each Fire Warden and Deputy Fire Warden shall be familiar with the Fire Safety Plan, the location of exits and the location and operation of any available fire alarm system.
  • In the event of fire, or fire alarm, the Fire Warden shall establish communication with the Fire Safety Director and assist in the evacuation of the floor in accordance with the directions received from Fire Safety Director.
  • Have available an updated listing of all personnel with disabilities who cannot use the stairs unaided.
  • Assure that all people on the floor are notified of the fire emergency and assist in the evacuation of all personnel. A search must be conducted in the lavatories to ensure all are unoccupied. The Warden should assign other personnel to check the lavatories.


If a flood or leak should occur, Building Management should be notified immediately. While waiting for emergency personnel to respond, Tenants should safeguard and remove any valuable papers or documents from the affected area. Stay away from electrical equipment and outlets in a flooded area. Do NOT attempt to unplug or operate electrical equipment near water-damaged areas. The building engineering department will disconnect electricity serving a water-damaged area and will alert you when it is safe to resume operation of electrical equipment.

Medical Emergency

If an accident occurs within your office suite, please notify the Management Office or call the Security Desk immediately. An employee of the Empire State Building will be dispatched to the scene of the accident and will perform the following: 

  • Notify the police and/or ambulance if required and if not done so already.
  • Provide assistance to the injured party until the emergency crew arrives.
  • Complete an incident report.

Power Failure

In case of a power outage, the Empire State Building is equipped with emergency lighting throughout the building and in the stairways.

If any Tenant should experience a loss of electrical power, they should notify the Management Office immediately. Emergency personnel will be dispatched immediately to determine if the power loss is localized or building wide. If the problem is localized, personnel will check circuitry for corrective action.

Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather, including high winds, the following will be performed:

  • All Tenants will be notified.
  • Building personnel will secure all equipment and material on the roof, building exterior and sidewalk, which could move and cause damage to the building occupants and the public.
  • Depending upon the severity of the storm, it may require a shutdown to some or all HVAC equipment for safety. Tenants will be notified accordingly.
  • All glass swing doors in the lobbies will be locked.
  • Tenants will be requested to close their blinds or shades to limit their exposure to glass breakage, should it occur. Where possible, Tenants should temporarily relocate their workstations away from the windows.
  • If any window should break, Tenants should close off area involved and notify the Management Office immediately.
  • Tenants will be kept informed of weather status.

Toxic Hazards

If there is a toxic spill or exposure, immediately get to an area where you are not exposed and call 911. Give the building address, floor and phone number, and also what type of spill. Take action to contain the hazard; close doors behind you, and always follow all safety procedures when working with toxic materials.

Closed Circuit Television

The CCTV system is in place to assist the security staff in performing their jobs by extending the range of their visibility. The system consists of cameras at strategic points in the building with associated monitors at the security desk. The security staff members are trained in monitoring these cameras and in how to respond to any emergency.

The cameras are all digitally recorded.

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